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USDI Village Midwifery Training is a complete midwifery training program for those interested in carrying the traditions of the ancestors into the future. USDI Village was started in 2008, with the concept of " it takes a village to raise a child".  Robin Gause is the director of the USDI Village.  USDI Village is dedicated to helping all women of social economic class. During the pandemic it is of the upmost importance to nurture , encourage, strengthen, and love mother and child during these times.


USDI Village academics are accessible online, location is no barrier to enrollment. In-person classes will be held in Atlanta GA and Myrtle Beach SC.


Robin has been a birth educator for 14 years. Apprentice Midwife for 2 years, an a birthing assistant, Doula, and postpartum Doula for 7 years. She also does placenta encapsulation and lactation services. Her passion for educating others led her to organize the USDI Village Midwifery School in order to bring culturally relevant teachings to her community. 

For more information, contact Robin at [email protected]